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Professional Benchmarking analysis is the difference your business needs to understand strategic, cost-effective venue management.

Our thorough research and access to comprehensive data helps national and international venues focus on what matters most, to enable you to provide exceptional experiences, without the stress.

Benefit from professional benchmarking that gives you the power to crunch numbers and reveal smart solutions for better venue management.

Our Perfectly Paired approach to benchmarking includes:

  • Benchmark industry spends per head – retail and hospitality
  • Commercial catering 
  • Product innovation 
  • Trend forecasting 
  • Mystery Shop reviews and recommendations reporting
  • Retail, hospitality and non-event day functions approach for all aspects of the business
  • Events – pricing, product review and detailed competitor analysis 

With thorough assessment of your catering offering and pricing, our recommendations ensure you are more than market-competitive – with informed strategy that ensures you are a cut above the pack.