Catering Tender Management For Venues: How To Create Win Win Outcomes

The team at Perfectly Paired understand that no two venues are the same. When it comes to effective tender management for venue catering contracts – no two tender processes should be the same either. Perfectly Paired introduces a fresh new approach to tendering for Australian venues – with tailored strategies and streamlined tender management solutions that create win win outcomes for both venue and caterer. 

On this month’s blog, Perfectly Paired Principal Consultants, Lauren Lacava and Mark Wright share their top tips on how to ensure effective tender management.

Do – Explore all of your options before going out to tender. There are many options available to venues including taking catering in house, taking the sales process in house or utilising a preferred panel catering model. 

Don’t – Roll out the same tender strategy that you have done previously. The hospitality and events industries are dynamic, therefore the tender process for your venue should evolve. Every venue is unique; hence the tender process should be tailored to suit the specific nuances of your venue.   

Don’t – Just consider the financial offer. A caterer’s tender application should be considered in its entirety with focus not only on WHAT the caterer is offering but HOW they are going to implement it. It’s all about partnerships and working closely together to achieve common goals – increased sales, increased profits and exceptional customer experiences across the board.

Do – Give the successful caterer ample time to mobilise. Where a tender process is drawn out for too long, this can decrease the caterer’s mobilisation period. New contract mobilisation needs to be systematic and, if the process is rushed, this may lead to an ineffective roll out of both operations and marketing.

Do – Be clear on marketing budget allocation. Clarify which components are to be paid for by venue or by caterer. Confirming a sales and marketing strategy (and budget) should be a key priority item once the new partnership has been confirmed, highlighting collaborative marketing activities such as showcases for the year ahead.

Do – Understand and be clear on your venue’s internal event requirements. Part of the caterer’s application will include an offer for internal events. Venues need to be clear on what constitutes an internal event and how many of these will occur annually. Where the requirement for internal events or board room catering is high, it may be a consideration for the caterer or venue to implement an online ordering system to create efficiencies.

Don’t – Forget about the importance of effective marketing mobilisation. Announcing a new hospitality offering at your venue is an excellent marketing opportunity and should be shouted from the roof tops.

Do – Set appropriate, reasonable and measurable KPIs for your chosen catering partner. Regular benchmarking of the catering (and sales) operation should be budgeted annually by venues to ensure the hospitality offering helps position your venue as a market leader. 

To grow your retail and commercial event venue sales, increase your profits and manage partnerships in a way that’s smart, streamlined and strategic, it’s time to be Perfectly Paired.

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